Monday, November 29, 2010

Got an address

I finally got Colin to talk to me more about Dan. Here's our conversation.

M: hey
C: hey
M: So i was wondering if you knew where dan's parents moved
C: dude why does it matter
M: i'm just curious, i'm trying to look him up
C: bullshit
C: every goddamn time i've gotten online this week you've sent me a message and it always leads to dan
C: why the hell are you so concerned with some kid that disappeared when we were like 9?

I didn't respond for a minute. I was trying to think of how to say what I wanted to say without sounding crazy.

C: well?
M: Ok
M: look
M: about a month ago, i started having these dreams, like really crazy fucked up dreams
M: and there was this kid, and I knew that I knew him, but I couldn't remember who he was
M: and then it hit me like a sock full of fucking nickels one night that it was Dan
M: so i asked around, but no one remembers him
M: not my parents, not our old teachers, nobody.
M: except you
M: so I'm trying to figure out what the hell is going on here because it's really freaking me out and I need to know what happened to him
M: so that's why I keep asking you. because you're the only one besides me who I know of that even remembers this person. And that's not normal.
M: so yeah.

There was no reply from Colin for a good two hours. I thought maybe he had logged off or just walked away or put me on ignore or something, because despite my best efforts, what I'd said sounded pretty fucking crazy. As I was getting ready to go to bed though, I heard my computer go off and he had sent me this:

C: Here's where his parents moved: *************(not posting address for obvious reasons)**************
C: let me know if anything happens.

Then he logged off. I mapquested the place, it's a good four hours away from here, but I'm gonna try and head out when I can. I may take my video camera, but I don't know yet. I'll keep all y'all updated.

P.S - Thanks for the support from those of you reading, I do appreciate it. I never thought I'd be writing about all this shit on a freakin' blog, but here I am. But it helps, it feels good to get it out there and have people tell me I'm not crazy (despite what their mental state might be...). So yeah...thanks.

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  1. Good luck mark! (I just read through your other posts and decided to comment.)

    Hopefully his parents remember him... just saying, if Slend has anything to do with this then... who knows... they might not remember him... Or they could be Husks for all we know. (If you don't know what a Husk is I recommend just looking it up really quick. A lot have been showing up recently... infact it might be possible that Dan is a Husk, considering how he has been typing during his comments.)

    Best of luck to you Mark,
    Raz P.