Friday, November 26, 2010


Ugh, sorry I haven't been posting much lately. Family business with the holidays and whatnot. I've tried talking to Colin more, but he always seems to log off right after I mention Dan. I can't get anything out of him. I don't know whats going on.

I'm really freaking out here. This is all getting too weird for me, I don't know if my sanity can take much more of this. I feel like a fucking psychopath, trying to track this guy down. I've got drawings posted all over my walls, old photos, phone numbers, it's looks like I'm losing my mind.

And this fucking Dan who keeps leaving comments..."once you remember you never forget"...whatever the fuck that's just really gotten into my head, I don't know why. I just keep hearing that phrase in the back of my mind, wherever I go.

My dreams are getting progressively worse. There's always fire everywhere, and I can see Dan laughing and melting, and I've never seen anything so...evil. But even in the light of the fires there's this overwhelming shadow hanging over me and I don't know what it is.

I keep seeing shit out of the corner of my eye. Faces, creatures, shadows all just seem to be right outside my vision.

I have to find out what happened to Dan. I have to know for sure. That's the only way any of this can get any better. I can see where I need to go, but I don't know how to get there.

Colin mentioned that he thought he'd moved away. I wonder if he knows where they moved.

Hold on a second. No, he didn't say Dan moved...he said his parents moved...I wonder if- whatever, it's a lead. Maybe he knows where they moved. Let's hope. I'll post again if I have anything to report.

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  1. Just offering moral support and sympathy. I'm sorry to hear that your dreams are getting worse - I imagine troubled sleep isn't helping the situation. Good luck with the search, and please keep us updated!